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Cindy Carver has been to a lot of gyms through the years but felt something different when she walked into HNH Fitness in Oradell.

"There is a good health vibe and a lovely mix of people with different needs that I find refreshing," Cindy said.

HNH Fitness in Oradell, a medically based fitness center owned by Holy Name Medical Center, is designed and operated to meet the varied needs of all its members. It provides experienced staff, which can help create a workout routine best suited for each individual. Although a significant number of clients use HNH Fitness for the specially created exercise programs that help members with chronic conditions, a large number of clients use the center as a regular gym.

For Cindy, the emphasis on health is appealing.

Before joining HNH Fitness, she had been going to a different gym but wasn't quite comfortable there. She had heard positive things about HNH Fitness and met with Christopher Blake, the center's personal trainer manager.

"As soon as I met him I knew there was something different," Cindy said. "Instead of being interviewed by someone who wants to fit me into a mold, Chris wanted to know what I wanted out of this. Then he quickly explained how he can use his expertise and experience to help me."

During her lifetime, Cindy has had two abdominal surgeries - she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 10 years ago - and had a knee injury and some back pain that flares up occasionally. She wanted a workout routine that would focus on health and not the scale.

Once Chris learned Cindy's health history, he devised an exercise plan that he continually tweaks based on how Cindy is feeling and the progress she makes.

"When training someone who has any type of injury or physical restriction, the margin of error is so small, and the coaching must be so fine-tuned and calculated," Chris said. "Every detail in the training program is chosen for a specific purpose and must make sense physiologically and mechanically."

Chris didn't develop a workout routine around Cindy's past injuries or surgeries but rather took into account what her body could already do and built on it.

"We tweaked Cindy's movements so she can do more without pain," he said. "Everyone has injuries, you have to make adjustments so as not to aggravate those particular aches and pains. Cindy has made a lot of progress."

Cindy said in coming to HNH Fitness, she doesn't dread her workouts as she often did in the past. And the results have been gratifying.

"I just really like the atmosphere, the people here," Cindy said. "Every gym takes on a personality, which is set from the top down - the mission. Here it's focused on what the clients can do, not what the staff wants them to do. We are focusing on strength, vitality and health."

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