fitness in Oradell

One of Faudia A. Hameed's first concerns when she moved from Closter to Washington Township was whether she would find a gym she liked. She's been working out several times a week since college and wanted to continue her routine. She "test drove" a few different gyms but ultimately decided on HNH Fitness in Oradell.

"As a busy attorney and newlywed, I need a gym that will work around my schedule, not the other way around," Faudia said. "I work long hours and balancing my workload, professional responsibilities, volunteer activities, social obligations and home life along with my workouts can be difficult at times. But HNH Fitness makes it easier."

As a lifelong Bergen County resident, Faudia has been a member of several area gyms, so she had a good basis for comparison. She found that the large selection of classes, motivating instructors, and updated equipment puts HNH Fitness a step above other facilities. The focus, by staff and members, on improving health rather than pumping up muscles creates an environment that Faudia finds welcoming, unlike other gyms that often felt intimidating.

"At HNH Fitness, the members are all there for the same purpose - to improve their health," Faudia said. "From the weight lifters to the cardio enthusiasts, there is an atmosphere of collegiality and shared purpose."

HNH Fitness is a medically based facility, a gym with state-of-the-art equipment as well as physical rehabilitation services. It is overseen by a sports medicine physician and owned and operated by Holy Name Medical Center.

"I am especially appreciative of the trainers who walk the floor," Faudia said. "They are very friendly and knowledgeable and are there to help you if you need some tips on how to improve your form or amp up your workouts."

It's the small things that HNH Fitness offers that makes working out convenient and easy, she said. For example, locks are provided for the "clean, spacious locker room" and massages can be scheduled at her convenience.

"I have not yet taken advantage of the child care, but if the time comes, it's very comforting knowing that it's available," Faudia said. "The love the daycare workers have for the children they watch is very apparent and members can keep tabs on their children while they work out - one of the channels on the TVs is a day care cam feed." "Overall, HNH Fitness fits my needs," she said. "It's close to home, filled with friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff and always has the latest equipment and classes. I'm very happy to be a part of the HNH Fitness family!"

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